Silicone Antifoamer Silway 140


Silway 140 is a high performance foam control antifoam emulsion based on organo-modified silicone.

Silway 140 provides excellent initial foam control and with the ability to maintain foam control properties over long period. Silway 140 can be easily diluted and dispersed. Therefore it can be evenly dispersed in water-based agricultural formulations.

Silway 140 is widely used in industrial.


Typical Applications

• Crop protection products

• Sewage treatment

• Industrial cleaning

• Other industrial


Key Features

• Excellent defoaming performance through a wide temperature range

• Good stability in aqueous dilutions, and be easily diluted and dispersed

• Stable in a broad pH range

• Efficient at low dosage in formulations

• Rapid defoaming and excellent ability to manage difficult-to-control foaming systems


Typical Physical Properties




Milky Liquid

Solid Content, %




Emulsifier System




• Silway 140 silicone antifoam emulsion is an excellent candidate for commercial use in both water-based systems and surfactant concentrates. It can therefore be added directly to these systems without pre-dilution and mixed with slow to moderate agitation to ensure a complete and homogenous dispersion.

• The addition levels of Silway 140 silicone antifoam emulsion, when used in the final foaming system, will be dependent upon the nature of the foaming system and the type of agitation generating the foam. A recommended starting point is addition of sufficient Silway 140 silicone antifoam emulsion that would give between 1 ppm and 50 ppm of antifoam (based on solid content) into the final foaming formulation.

• As with any water-based formulation, it is recommended to confirm that the foam control agent remains dispersed once added to the pesticide formulation.


Packing :25kg ,200kg or IBC drums

Storage: Being storage in closed containers

Shelf Life :12 months