Silway Water Retainer

Water – the most precious treasure

Water creates, and sustains life. We must cherish and protect it, and must use it in a smart and responsible way. Right now, at least 1/3 of the World is facing a water crisis in agriculture. With only 2.5% of the Earth’s water reserve being fresh, and about two thirds of that unaccessible to us, And only less than one percent of the Earth’s water to grow our food, and supply drinking and bathing water for households. It might be a renewing source, but increasing consumption carries untold risks. Of that one percent, 70% is used by agriculture. And agriculture has access to the world’s greatest reservoir: the soil. The question is, how to harness that incredible potential

Water Retainer

Silway water retainer absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients when incorporated into a soil or a substrate.

Silway water retainer has the property of easily releasing the absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing the plant to have water and nutrients available at will as a function of the absorption-release cycles.




Chemical Structure

Silway water retainer is a range of superabsorbent anionic polyacrylamide polymers.They are crosslinked copolymers of acrylamide and potassium acrylate. Silway water retainer has the property of absorbing up to 400 times their weight in distilled water and they become gels.


Key Features

• Increases the Water Retaining Capacity of soils for several years. Reduces Irrigation frequency up to 50%.

• Absorbs water and nutrient and limits losses due to leaching.

• Reduces water evaporation from soils. looses compact soils through good aeration.

• Enhances plants growth. Water and nutrients will be continuously released in the root zone for optimal absorption by plants.

• Protects the plant against drought.

Working Principle

Silway Water Retainer has the absorbing property up to four hundred times its weight in distilled water and it will become gel. In contact with water, the polymer network expands owning to an osmosis process and absorbs the liquid into its structure. Into the soil, the water retainer swells in wet conditions and readily releases the liquid in dry conditions. This liquid absorption/desorption cycle enhances the water availability to the roots and reduces hydric stress.


Cross linked Copolymer of Acrylamide and Potassium  Acrylate

Dry matter


Apparent density


Specific weight

1.10 g/cm3

pH(0.1%in water)


Appearance of the product

Dry = white powder

Hydrated = transparent gel

Particle size

Powders, micro granules

Maximum absorption (in w/w)*

400 in deionized water

150 in soil


Substrate: 1 to 2 g/L

Broadcast on soil: 20 to 50 g/m2

Effectiveness in soil

Up to 4 years

Toxicity in soil

None under normal conditions use


25kg bag

Storage temperature

0 - 35°C

Shelf life of the dry product

1 years








The Way of Silicone Innovation

Hangzhou Silway New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2014, is a young but fast-growing Silway Water Retainer manufacturer specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of Silway Water Retainer.

Silway focused on the modified siloxane and formulation technology, product line covers from agricultural silicone adjuvant, silicone water repellent, cosmetic silicones, sealant & additive, modified siloxane for die-casting.etc.

  • R&D

    Founders have over 20 years’ technical experience in silicone industry

  • Quality

    ISO9001 Certificated

  • Service

    Sales for international market all have at least 5 years experience, easy to communicate and professinal in silicone industry.

  • OEM

    Offer OEM service and customized products.

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