5 Features Of Silicone Water Repellent

Update:2022-05-26 00:00

5 Features of Silicone Water Repellent :

1. Convenience of construction:
Direct spraying, (especially the leakage of the external wall, in the case of non-re-laying, uses spraying to have a waterproof effect. It can also be used with cement to make waterproof mortar rigid waterproof.

2. Waterproof performance:
If the wall treated by it is put on a water-repellent coat, the rainwater will naturally roll down in the form of water droplets, like a lotus leaf rolling down water droplets, while the wall is always in a dry state, so it can effectively Prevent mildew and ubiquitous;

3. Good breathability:
It can release the moisture from the wall, just like the skin of a healthy person, so it is also called a breathable waterproof coating;

4. Moisture-proof and mildew-proof effect is remarkable:
No moss can grow on the walls. Once the surface of the building is treated with this product, it can keep the interior dry in a humid environment. It is especially suitable for the surface treatment of decorative coatings such as grain depots, residences, archives, and libraries. The waterproof color retention and anti-pollution ability of the coating are used on the joints of tiles and mosaics. Because of its low water absorption, it will not store water and freeze in winter, resulting in swelling, which can prevent the peeling of tiles and mosaics. It can prevent moss from growing on stone materials such as monuments and towers, and keep the surface clean.

5. Strong durability and weather resistance:
Waterproofing agents can penetrate into the wall to a certain depth, so it is less affected by ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric aging. It is used in gardens, ancient buildings, red and yellow powder walls, stone statues, inscriptions, etc. It can effectively prevent rainwater from scouring, and maintain its original color. It can effectively prevent pollution and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion, anti-weathering, and protection of cultural relics.