A Suitable Range Of Silicone Water Repellent

Update:2022-07-01 00:00

A suitable range for Silicone Water Repellent :

1. Sodium methylsiliconate hydrophobic agent is widely used in waterproofing and moisture-proofing of roofs, inner and outer walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and warehouses, as well as impermeability and penetration of reinforced concrete structures;

2. For underground civil air defense projects: such as culverts, bridges, dams, tunnels, large hydropower stations, and water diversion projects to reduce water erosion and prevent weathering;

3. Used in various pools: such as swimming pools, clean pools, sewage pools, water towers, etc.;

4. It is used for impregnation of high water-absorbing inorganic aggregates: such as perlite slabs, roofing bricks, cement bricks, high-rise building light brick veneers, asbestos, inorganic fabrics, thermal insulation materials, etc., so that they have significant waterproof and moisture-proof effects ;

5. Water-soluble architectural coatings are used for waterproofing, color protection, pollution prevention, and aging prevention, and have been widely used in exterior wall finishes;

6. The additive used for latex paint, water glass, and 107 glue can make it have obvious water increase and maintain stable bond strength;

7. For oil drilling, it can adjust the viscosity and density of the mud, which can effectively prevent the well from collapsing and improve the drilling rate;

8. It is used to turn on the pump and inject it into the oil production layer in the later stage of the oil well to prevent the collapse of the crustal skeleton of the oil production layer so that the oil far from the oil well can be recovered smoothly;

9. For other special purposes to reduce water absorption and impermeability and waterproofing.