Advantages And Functions Of Cosmetic Silicones

Update:2021-05-21 00:00

Cosmetic Silicones have very low surface energy, excellent thermal stability, and weather resistance, which make them play an important role in the fields of plastics and elastomers. Silicones with different structures and different molecular weights have different characteristics and properties, and their main functions are lubrication, dispersion, wear resistance, smoothness, and low friction coefficient. Specifically.

1. Improve fluidity, which is conducive to mold filling and demolding.

2. Reduce processing energy consumption and increase output.

3. Eliminate melt fracture and reduce die accumulation.

4. Improve the smoothness and gloss of the product.

5. Reduce the friction coefficient of the product surface.

6. Enhance wear resistance and scratch resistance.

7. For filling systems, improve product strength and elongation at break.

8. Cooperate with flame retardant to reduce smoke density and increase oxygen index.