Advantages Of Mold Release Agent

Update:2022-01-21 00:00

The concept of water-based release agents and oil-based release agents is relatively broad at present. There is no problem with the spray paint of the demolded products, that is to say, it is a water-based mold release agent, and the products removed from the oil-based mold release agent have problems with the spray paint.


Due to the influence of mold problems and operation time, the scope of use of water-based mold release agents is still limited, such as the north, winter, and the mold does not have a heating device, so it is not practical.


Advantages of water-based Mold Release Agent : environmental protection (VOC emission is dominant), non-combustible (safe during transportation and use); Disadvantages: water recovery speed is relatively slow, the mold is not easy to dry, due to the presence of surfactants, the mold is easy to be dirty and peel off The molding effect is not good enough. In addition, during the polyurethane foaming process, the residual water will cause uneven cells.