Agricultural Adjuvant Factory Introduces The Selection Criteria Of Release Agent

Update:2021-07-23 00:00

As the precision requirements for forging demolding workpieces are getting higher and higher, graphite emulsion can no longer meet the requirements of forging manufacturers, and new demolding products have begun to be used. Forging lubricants are produced and are widely used in the casting industry of forging machines. Below, Agricultural Adjuvant Factory introduces the selection criteria of release agent:

1.When choosing a forging release agent, you should choose a release product that has no impact on the environment. With the enhancement of humanization and environmental protection awareness, to avoid impact on the environment, it is necessary to choose a forging release agent instead of graphite milk to combine the mold with the mold. The workpiece is separated.

2. It is also necessary to consider whether the effect of the release agent is significant, whether it can reduce the friction and wear of the forgings and the mold to the limit, improve the surface quality of the forgings, and enhance the surface finish. It is necessary for the mold to have excellent heat insulation and cooling effect, which is also the most concern of the forging factory. To determine whether the surface quality of this pair of forgings meets the factory requirements.

3. Forging plants also need to consider the price of forging release agents. The price is reasonable and the release effect is significant. Forging plants are more relevant and can save more economic costs for the forging industry.