Agricultural Adjuvant Manufacturer Introduces Tips For Using Silicone

Update:2020-11-27 17:31

Agricultural Adjuvant manufacturer introduces why silicone can block hair


Interestingly, silicone has been shown to help counteract the drying and flaking caused by common anti-acne active ingredients (such as benzoyl peroxide) and topical antibiotics. (Furthermore, silicone fillers are sometimes used to improve the appearance of acne scars. If silicone is an ingredient that clogs pores, this will certainly not be the case.) Perhaps, the most convincing reason is that silicone does not clog pores And cause acne (or blackheads) because from a chemical point of view, most silicones are volatile substances.


This means that their initial sticky (thick) texture quickly evaporates and does not penetrate the walls of the holes that form acne. Instead, they help ensure that other ingredients are used evenly and leave a silky, almost imperceptible feeling, which significantly improves the texture and appearance of the skin. You can think of it as a breathable barrier that protects the skin and is hardly felt.