Agricultural Adjuvant-The Role Of Agricultural Silicone Additives

Update:2020-07-07 11:55

First of all you need to know the role of silicone additives:


1. The agricultural silicone additive is a super spreader that can moisten any crop.


2. It can spread the drug solution to various hidden parts of the plant and the ability to spread the insects wetly. It has the effect of penetrating through the wax layer through the plant stomata, improving the efficiency of the systemic insecticide.


3. Improve the effect of the drug solution through the insect stomata and articular membrane. Because of its super-expanding wetting effect, it has laid a net for all kinds of pests and greatly improved the insecticidal efficiency.


4. The amount of water and medicine used can be reduced, and labor costs are also reduced.


5. Silicone additives mainly reduce the surface tension of the liquid medicine on the leaves, so that the liquid medicine spreads and penetrates quickly on the leaves. The better the quality of the silicone, the lower the surface tension between the interfaces, and the better the effect of the drug solution spreading.


6. High-quality silicone has a strong ability to withstand rain erosion. When spraying medicine to prevent pests and diseases in the rainy season, choosing high-quality silicone additives can greatly improve the efficacy.



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