Alkyl Modified Siloxane Introduces The Use Of Methyl Silicone Oil

Update:2021-04-02 00:00

Alkyl Modified Siloxane introduces the use of methyl silicone oil:

1. The best hydrophobizing agent

Preparation of antacid capsules: 22.02 kg of glycerin, 34.13 kg of distilled water, 10 kg of dimethyl silicone oil, 43.85 kg of gelatin added and dissolved under reduced pressure at 70-80°C, and the capsules are made by conventional methods. It is prepared by spraying a mixture of formaldehyde/acetone (1/60) on the capsules. Due to the hydrophobic effect of simethicone, the prepared capsule does not disintegrate in acidic gastric juice for 2 hours, and dissolves in alkaline intestinal solution for 200-620 seconds, is stable to enzymes and temperature, and has good mechanical strength.

2. Polishing of sugar-coated tablets (gloss retention agent)

During the polishing operation, add the Sichuan wax powder with 2% simethicone oil to the coated tablets for polishing. Compared with the sugar-coated tablets without simethicone, the surface of the sugar-coated tablets is brighter and more beautiful. The moisture-proof effect ensures that the sugar-coated tablets will not decolor or mold during the storage period.

3. Film coating material

Used as a plasticizer for film coating materials, using the hydrophobicity and oxygen resistance of simethicone to isolate the tablet core from the outside, not affected by moisture, oxygen in the air, etc., without moisture absorption and deterioration, and the coating layer is firm and smooth.