Alkyl Modified Siloxane Manufacturers Introduces The Use Of Release Agents

Update:2021-06-25 00:00

Alkyl Modified Siloxane Manufacturers introduced the use of release agent:

1.Cosmetics; as a lubricant for shampoos and creams.

2. Release agent: suitable for anti-sticking and release of plastic, rubber, and metal products, especially suitable for release of polyurethane products. It can also be added to plastics, synthetic resins, and other materials as internal release agents.

3. As a material for lubricating oil and grease, suitable for lubrication between metals, plastics, and other materials.

4. As an additive for paints, inks, and coatings, a small amount added to paints, inks, and coatings can significantly improve the gloss of the product and have a defoaming effect.