Application Of Silicone Adjuvant

Update:2020-10-23 11:16

The Silicone Adjuvant and the thermoplastic resin are directly mixed uniformly in proportion, and then molded and processed. In plastic processing, it can be widely used as flow promoter, anti-caking agent, synergistic flame retardant, lubricant, hydrophobic agent, release agent, etc., to improve impact resistance, lubricity, dispersion, flame retardancy and drip resistance, And other performance.


Silicone Adjuvant can also be used in the production of polyolefin cables not only has a good flame retardant effect but also improves the gloss, feel insulation, and aging resistance of the cable surface.


Silicone Adjuvant can also be used for high-end shoe materials, allowing the plastic shoe sole to have ultra-high wear resistance and scratch resistance.