Cosmetic Silicone-Application Of Silicone In Cosmetics

Update:2020-07-31 11:16

Silicone has unique properties such as compatibility with the skin, good compatibility with the substrate, good hydrophobicity and air permeability, resistance to chemical media, and moist but not greasy, making it widely used in skin care products, hair care products, baby products, Beauty cosmetics and almost all cosmetics such as antiperspirant, deodorant and sunscreen products for body use have become a multifunctional component in cosmetics. On the basis of retaining its original properties, cosmetics containing silicone can greatly enhance their lubricity, breathability, softness, antistatic, film-forming, smoothness, mildew resistance, antifouling, radiation resistance, etc. The surface or the coated area remains for a long time. In addition, it can also be used in the manufacture of cosmetics to eliminate air inclusions and unnecessary bubbles, making the cosmetics rich in smoothness and softness. As a new cosmetic component, organic silicon will play an immeasurable role in improving the quality of cosmetics, improving the performance and developing new products by taking advantage of its uniqueness, and it can double the value of cosmetics.


The main types of silicone used in cosmetics are:

1. Silicone as oil

(1) Dimethyl polysiloxane:

The most widely used silicone as an oil is dimethyl polysiloxane (DPMS) with a lower viscosity. The purpose of addition is to minimize the greasy feel of the oil, with smoothness and comfort, and help other cosmetic ingredients Diffusion effect on skin and hair. It can be used in lotions, creams, cosmetics, vanishing creams, tanning lotions and air-permeable gel shaving mousses, foundations and hair products for hand and body. 


(2) Polymethylphenylsiloxane

It is easy to formulate and is a common additive for creams, lotions and sunscreen products. It can be used in hair sprays, shampoos, skin protectants, shaving pre-washing agents, conditioners, sun protection agents, etc.


(3) Cyclic dimethyl siloxane

It has a proper volatilization speed, the skin does not feel cold when volatilized, and there is no residue. It can be used as a base oil or temporary carrier, such as oily foundation, hair conditioner, nail polish, eye cosmetics (such as eyebrow dye, eye shadow Ointment, eyebrow pencil, etc.), etc., can also be used for sweat removal, odor, deodorant, hair spray, hair decoration, hair cream detergent, sunscreen, fixative, etc.


(4) Octadecyl trimethylsiloxane

It has the characteristics of wax, low melting point, and melts quickly under the skin, leaving a smooth and soft film. It can be used to formulate various solid, semi-solid and liquid cosmetics, as well as lipsticks, lipsticks, skin creams, creams, hair conditioners, etc. .


(5) Modified silicone oil

Polyether modified silicone oil is used in shampoos, can significantly improve the combability of dry and wet hair, and prevent hair from tangling; used in skin care lotions, it has lubricity and wetting properties.


1. Amino-modified silicone oil has excellent adhesion and washing resistance to hair, improves combability, and promotes drying effect. It is an excellent hair care and hairdressing product, mainly for various shampoos.


2. Organic silicon with thin film forming ability
Use resin-like and rubber-like silicones, which are easily soluble in volatile solvents of cyclic silicones or hydrocarbons. This solution is coated on the substrate and then dried to form a thin film without sticky feeling. Non-transfer, and water-resistant hydrophobic film.


3. Silicone as a surfactant
Such as polyether modified silicone oil, polyether-alkyl modified silicone oil, cationic quaternary ammonium salt modified silicone, anionic sulfonate modified and amphoteric betaine modified silicone.


4. Silicone with the ability to reduce irritation
Betaine surfactants and polyether modified silicone oil, when mixed with other cosmetic components, can reduce the irritation of the components to the skin and eyes.


5. Silicone as a powder treatment agent
Coating silicone resin on the surface of animals, plants and mineral powders can give the powder lubricity; simply mix hydrogen-containing silicone oil on mineral powders such as titanium to give the powder hydrophobicity; reduce DPMS or hydrogen-containing silicone oil to dissolve in organic Contact with titanium powder after solvent, and add zinc catalyst to give the powder free flow; use alkyl polysiloxane and ester compound to coat titanium dioxide, can improve the dust and dispersibility of the powder; use high molecular weight DPMS The surface of the powder is treated to impart hydrophobicity and durability to the powder, with less makeup breakdown, good makeup surface, good adhesion to the skin, and a moderately sticky feeling.


6. Silicone with washing ability. The spherical powder containing silicone polysiloxane elastomer developed in Japan has a higher absorption capacity than the past powder. The cleansing cosmetics containing this powder can overcome the previous cleansing cosmetics Disadvantages: no irritation to the skin during application, improved lubricity, contact with the skin changed from point contact to surface contact, the removal of organic pollutants is good, and the cleaning effect is improved.



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