Cosmetic Silicones-Application Of Silicone Oil In Cosmetics

Update:2020-07-14 10:48

1 General properties of silicone oil


Silicone oil is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid. It is one of the least toxic products in cosmetics. It is non-irritating, allergenic, and sting-free. It has a neutral reaction to human skin and is an excellent material for manufacturing modern cosmetics. There is a large distance between silicone oil molecules, the molecular force is much weaker than hydrocarbons, the surface tension is low, and it has high surface activity. Therefore, silicone oil has excellent defoaming and anti-foaming properties and good film-forming properties. It easily forms an extremely thin film and is used in cosmetics. It is applied to the human facial skin as if it is covered with a very thin spun yarn mask and achieves protection Skin effect.


Silicone oil is hydrophobic and insoluble in water. Silicone oil has excellent isolation and lubricity, and has the ability to block moisture without affecting ventilation. It has a high degree of luster and makes the skin brighter. Silicone oil has excellent compatibility with other cosmetic raw materials.



2 Silicone oil commonly used in cosmetics


The most used are silicone oil (polydisiloxane), methylphenyl silicone oil (polymethylphenylsiloxane), polydimethylcyclosiloxane, silicone glycol copolymer, amine group Modified silicone oil, polysiloxane protein copolymer and methyl chloride-containing silicone oil, emulsified silicone oil and other modified water-soluble or alcohol-soluble silicone oil. Classified by application, it can be used for hair care, skin care and sun protection.




3 Application of silicone oil in cosmetics


Organopolysiloxane compounds have been widely used in skin care, hair care, beauty products, antiperspirants and deodorants and other special products. Through a long period of physiology, toxicology, and genetics experiments, people have confirmed that some organopolysiloxane compounds are safe, reliable, and excellent in properties, such as light transmission and ultraviolet resistance, strong physiological inertness, non-toxic, no odor, and good Surface activity, these characteristics make organopolysiloxane more and more widely used in cosmetics. Polysiloxane compounds have many outstanding advantages for personal skin care products. Some people have compared with a variety of ingredients commonly used in personal care products (Vaseline, white oil, etc.), and found that the viscosity of 315 × 10-4 (m2/s) methyl polysiloxane, spreading, moisturizing The three aspects of sex and softness are the best, and silicone skin care does not block pores on the skin surface, which can reduce the occurrence of acne. Introducing other functional groups into the polysiloxane molecule can obtain a variety of modified polysiloxanes with more excellent properties. Polyether modified polysiloxane has good surface activity in organic systems or in water. By reducing the surface tension of the liquid, it can play a variety of functions such as wetting and softening. It can also be antistatic and enhance breathability. When other cosmetic components are mixed, it can reduce the irritation of the component to the skin and eyes, and is widely used in beauty cosmetics. Adding 0.5% to 1% of polyether modified polysiloxane to the degreasing detergent can increase the elution rate of oil stains by nearly 30%. Amino-modified polysiloxane with a certain ammonia value and suitable anionic surfactant can be made into transparent shampoo. Adding a small amount of amino silicone oil to toothpaste can form a hydrophobic and stable film on the tooth surface, which can effectively prevent tooth staining caused by smoking and caries caused by organic acids, and improve oral hygiene.


In the future, the application trend of silicone materials in cosmetics will focus on hair cosmetics, especially in the direction of hair care films, two-in-one shampoos and hygiene products. In addition to maintaining the original excellent characteristics, the new silicones to be developed in the future must have additional characteristics, such as film formation, conditioning, moisturizing effect, and ultraviolet absorption capabilities.



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