Cosmetic Silicones Company Introduces The Role Of Organic Silicon In Fertilizers

Update:2021-08-13 00:00

Cosmetic Silicones Company introduces the role of organic silicon in fertilizers:

1.Wet the leaf surface. There is a feature of daily spraying on the leaf surface of crops. Everyone must have noticed that that is, the fertilizer with water stays on the surface of the plant leaf for a short time, and it will slide off quickly with gravity, while the organic silicon solution can wet the Foliar surface, in this way, when used in liquid fertilizer, the fertilizer solution is distributed on the leaf surface so that it will not slip off directly as just said.

2. Drive the absorption of nutrients. Another feature of organic silicon is that it is resistant to rain erosion and has good penetration ability. When added to the diluted fertilizer, the cells that can drive nutrients through the leaf surface of the plant are quickly absorbed, which is good for rain. Seasonal and local fertilization is efficient and does not need to be affected by light rain.

3. Save fertilizer expenses, and use a large amount of fertilizer for crops every year, which is one of the main costs of agriculture. If organic silicon is added to the foliar topdressing, it can improve the fertilizer utilization rate and reduce direct use. Of waste.