Cosmetic Silicones Manufacturers Introduces How To Make Silicone Products Hard

Update:2020-11-13 11:08

The hardness of silicone is very important in the production of silicone. If the hardness is unreasonable, it will be difficult for silicone products to meet the quality standard requirements, and the customer's requirements cannot be met, and the transaction cannot be concluded. Many silica gel product factories do not control the hardness of silica gel reasonably, resulting in a large number of defective silica gel products. How can we control the hardness of silicone? Here are some suggestions from Cosmetic Silicones Manufacturers:


1. The general silicone factory does not have its own technology for silicone hardness; most of them require the silicone raw material supplier to directly provide the required silicone hardness material. Silicone has a wide range of applications, especially nowadays silicone products such as silicone placemats, silicone ice trays, and other silicone products. Different products have different requirements for silicone hardness. So we must first look at which aspects of the application of silicone products, such as the hardness of silicone placemats. It is generally around 30 degrees. If it exceeds 30 degrees, the anti-slip function of the silicone placemat product is poor and it is not soft enough. If it is a silicone ice tray, the silicone hardness is generally 50 degrees. If the hardness is too soft, it is easy to leak when water is added.


2. For friends who don’t know about silicone products, the production, and processing technology of silicone products and the property allocation of raw materials are doubtful. They don’t know much about the hardness of the products. Secondly, the nature of silicone products is auxiliary peripheral products, so they are matched with other materials. It is also inevitable that there may be low hardness and performance differences.


3. In the production process of various silicone products, the raw materials can be replaced or refined from the raw materials before the product is formed to further improve the hardness of the product. Generally, the supplier of silicone products will directly purchase and use the refined rubber. So there is no need to adjust the different hardness so much, and the adjustment of the hardness mainly needs to be understood from the raw material manufacturer.