Cosmetic Silicones Manufacturers Introduces The Application Range Of Silicone Resin

Update:2021-12-30 00:00

Cosmetic Silicones Manufacturers introduced the application range of silicone resins:

1. Color cosmetics system. Silicone resin has excellent film-forming, hydrophobic and moisturizing properties, long-lasting film formation, and washing resistance. It is especially suitable for eye makeup, lip gloss, non-stick lipstick, liquid foundation, and other formulation systems. The finished product is uniform in color, stable in the system, not easy to fade, and has no skin irritation; phenyl-containing silicone resin product has a higher refractive index and is used in the hair care formula system to give the hair a more shiny gloss.


2. In the skincare system, silicone resin does not irritate the skin, can form a lubricating and breathable film, is not easy to fade, has a long-lasting effect, and improves the hydrophobicity and spreadability of the formula system. It is an important functional component of BB creams, barrier creams, and other skincare products. Cosmethicone SF-1003B/1003C silicone resin mixture, SF-1000 silicone acrylate copolymer, and other products are used in skincare formula products such as barrier creams and liquid foundations to significantly enhance makeup setting and holding effects.CosmethiconeSF-1003B is a polydimethylsiloxane dispersion of silicone resin, which can form a washable and anti-migration film. It can moisturize the skin, help maintain epidermal moisture balance, and slow down powder migration in skincare products.CosmethiconeSF-1000 silicone acrylate copolymer can form a bright hydrophobic film with excellent skin adhesion and migration resistance, especially giving skincare products an excellent gloss effect.

3. Haircare system. The combability is an important indicator to test the care effect of hair care products. Liquid aminophenyl silicone resin can effectively adsorb on the surface of the hair to form a smooth and soft hydrophobic oil film. Used in the hair care formula system, it can reduce the friction between dry and wet hair and comb, improve combability, and make hair smooth and easy to comb.

CosmethiconeSF-1012 amino phenyl silicone resin is an aminophenyl co-modified polytrimethicone. The basic structure of its silsesquioxane resin makes the amino group more stable, has outstanding yellowing resistance and has strong polarity. Amino groups bring good adsorption and easy emulsification, while phenyl groups significantly improve gloss and compatibility.

CosmethiconeSF-1012 aminophenyl silicone resin enhances gloss and long-lasting softness, velvety smoothness, resistance to yellowing, excellent absorption, and combability for hair care formulations. It is used as shampoo, conditioner, ointment, and perm Ideal additive for hair care products.