Dimethicone 5cst Manufacturers Introduces The Proportion Of Coating Defoamers Used

Update:2021-06-25 00:00

The application of coatings is closely related to our daily life, mainly used in automobiles, ships, decoration, and other fields. But the bubble problem in the process of use is also very troublesome, how to solve this problem. Because the paint is easy to produce bubbles during the production and use process, a large number of stable bubbles are not conducive to the smooth production of the paint and the film effect and performance of the paint. Below, Dimethicone 5cst Manufacturers introduces the use ratio of coating defoamers:

1.Add before foaming: This method can suppress foam generation by adding a defoamer to the system that may generate foam in advance. The defoamer can effectively play a preventive effect.

2. Adding in the production process: When the foaming liquid is circulating or flowing, the circulating flow of the foaming liquid will consume the defoaming agent. In this case, use continuous dripping of the defoaming agent In the method, the defoamer can effectively exert the effect of eliminating foam, and it can also effectively control the additional amount to achieve the purpose of economical use of the defoamer.