Features And Application Scope Of Dimethicone 5cst

Update:2021-05-14 00:00

Dimethicone 5cst is odorless and non-toxic, with physiological inertness, good chemical stability, electrical resistance and weather resistance, a wide range of viscosity, low freezing point, high flash point, good hydrophobicity, and high shear resistance. Long-term use at a temperature of 50~180oC, widely used as insulation, lubrication, anti-vibration, anti-dust oil, dielectric fluid, and heat carrier, and as an additive for the defoaming, film release, paint, and daily cosmetics, etc.

Dimethicone has various excellent characteristics, so it has been widely used in various sectors of industrial and agricultural production, defense industry, scientific research, medical and health, and other sectors. It is widely used in electrical insulation, demoulding, defoaming, damping, shockproof, rolling, dustproof, waterproof, high and low humidity, etc.