Features Of Hair Care Composition Containing Alkyl Modified Siloxane

Update:2020-10-09 13:54

What are the characteristics of hair care compositions containing Alkyl Modified Siloxane ?


1. A cleaning phase, the cleaning phase containing a cleaning anionic surfactant, which is a salt and contains an alkyl group with 8 to 14 carbons;


2. A water-containing conditioning gel network or an anionic gel network without total charge, which contains:

(1) fatty substances;
(2) Gel network anionic surfactant-containing an alkyl group with 16 to 30 carbons;

(3) Cationic surfactant;


3. A siloxane system comprising emulsified particles of alkyl-modified siloxane, wherein the alkyl-modified siloxane is characterized by the general formula (I): (CH)SiO [Si(CH)(R ) O] [Si(CH)O m(m) is 1~450n, the value of Si(CH) is 1~3000, R is a monovalent alkyl group with 8~60 carbon atoms, which is fluid under ambient conditions.