Features Of Mold Release Agent

Update:2022-06-10 00:00

Mold Release Agent Water-based mold release agents differ in many ways from traditional oil-based or solvent-based mold release agents due to a large amount of water present. The release effect of water-based release agents relies on the deposition of a thin film only a few microns thick on the cavity surface after spraying. Therefore, there are higher requirements for the selection of ingredients and the use of processes.

But its advantages are also obvious, which are conducive to automatic operation, good cooling effect, no fouling, improved surface quality of castings, reduced internal pores, safe use, clean production, and reduced environmental pollution. The water-based mold release agent has strong adhesion and can preferentially adhere to the mold instead of being transferred to the molded part. It can also modify the surface of the resin, which is beneficial to the fluidity of the resin and improves the surface quality of molded parts. It is widely used in molds and silicon Demoulding of rubber, plastic, and other products.

Below, are the characteristics of Mold Release Agent

1. Fast film formation, water-resistant erosion protection template, no residue; waterproof and rust-proof.

2. It has excellent isolation performance, and the concrete surface is clean, smooth, and pollution-free.

3. Easy to dismantle. After the mold is removed, the surface can be kept smooth and flat, with neat edges and corners without damage.