Hexamethyldisiloxane Manufacturers Introduce 4 Benefits Of Silicone Oil

Update:2022-11-11 00:00

Silicone oil, also known as silicone, scientific name polysiloxane, belongs to high molecular polymer, it is a kind of synthetic oil and wax without a greasy feeling. Silicone oil and its derivatives (sometimes collectively referred to as silicone) are a high-quality oily raw material for cosmetics, with excellent physical and chemical properties. Hexamethyldisiloxane Manufacturers Introduce  The properties of silicone oil-containing cosmetics are as follows.

1. It has good lubricating properties and can form a uniform waterproof protective film after coating the skin, but it does not have any sticky and greasy feeling, and the gloss is good.

2. Good anti-ultraviolet radiation performance. It does not oxidatively deteriorate under UV light and cause irritation to the skin.

3. Good antistatic performance. Experiments show that the static electricity of the skin that has been wiped with the silicone oil-containing skin cream is completely eliminated, and it has an obvious dust-proof effect.

4. Good air permeability, even if a silicone oil film is formed on the skin, it will not affect the discharge of sweat. It has a slow-release and fixed fragrance effect on essences and spices, so the fragrance preservation period is longer.