How To Choose Mold Release Agent ?

Update:2020-06-16 10:19

1. Match selection.
Different products have different types of release agents, and the release agent should be selected to match the finished material.


2. Use and applicable conditions
The key factors in choosing a mold release agent include mold temperature, dilution ratio, molding time, and mold structure complexity.


3. Performance requirements
Different release agents have different properties in terms of release force, post-treatment, environmental protection, drying and cleaning time. According to the actual production requirements, we can choose the appropriate release agent by weighing the performance and production indicators. Wait


4. Cost-effective
There are many brands of release agent, and some release agents are divided into low-end, middle-end and high-end. Sakurai mold release agent focuses on the production of medium and high-end mold release agents. Due to our technological breakthrough, one-time injection mold release agent can be released many times, so it has a high cost performance and can effectively reduce the consumption cost of the end user.


5. High quality release agent is essential

Any industry engaged in any type of molding cycle knows that the quality of the molding agent will play an important role in its workflow and its ability to maintain a good level of productivity. This is the main reason why the use of high-quality release agents is so important.

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