How To Use Mold Release Agent

Update:2021-10-09 00:00

How to use Mold Release Agent:

1. Dip a clean, dust-free cloth with the release agent first, and then apply evenly and orderly on the surface of the mold. Be careful not to work on the mold surface that has just wiped off the release agent. The product can only be made after the release agent is completely cured. 
2. Generally, 2-3 layers of base film need to be applied, and each base film needs to wait 8-10 minutes for the release agent to cure. It takes 15-20 minutes for the last layer to be produced after the release agent is completely cured. (Note: The base film must be dry and non-sticky; new molds and molds that have just been cleaned, need to apply 4-5 times of release agent).
3. Only when the mold surface and fine parts are fully and evenly applied to the mold release agent, a better mold release effect can be guaranteed.
4. When it is difficult to demold, you can choose to coat the entire mold again with the release agent or apply only the difficult position of demolding.