How To Use Silicone Water Repellent

Update:2021-08-20 00:00

How to use Silicone Water Repellent :

1. If the waterproofing agent is used for waterproof mortar construction, the sand, dust, and debris on the ground base should be cleaned up, and then the waterproofing agent and water should be fully stirred together according to a certain ratio, and then the mixture Mix well with cement and medium sand.


2. Then apply the waterproof layer twice on the ground, and the thickness of each layer should be about 10 mm. The bottom layer should be coated with a layer of 1 mm plain water slurry, and then coated with waterproof mortar. When the waterproof mortar is initially set, it can be compacted, and then use a wooden trowel to rub the surface into a pitted surface.


3. After applying the second layer of waterproof mortar, you should rush to compact it. If necessary, you need to use a wooden trowel to rub the surface into a pitted surface. After the construction is completed, the ground needs to be sprinkled with water for maintenance, and some cement curing agent needs to be sprayed on the ground to make the ground decoration effect and quality better.


4. If the waterproofing agent is used in the construction of waterproof concrete, the amount of waterproofing agent should account for about 1% to 2% of the amount of cement, and it should be mixed evenly with the prepared concrete. In fact, the construction method is the same as that of ordinary concrete. In order to ensure that the two can be evenly mixed together, it is recommended that you first mix the waterproofing agent evenly, and then fully mix the waterproofing agent with cement, sand, and stones.


5. If the waterproofing agent is used for leakage repair construction, and the base layer is smooth, then the ground should be chiseled into a pitted surface, and then the floating ash on the base layer should be cleaned up, and then painted on the base layer. Put a layer of plain mortar combined with a layer of waterproof mortar. If there is a leak, you need to use the Luluwang to stop the water first. As for the position of the yin and yang corners, they need to be rounded and compacted.


6. If the waterproofing agent is used for spraying impermeable construction, the waterproofing agent should be diluted with water first, about ten times the dilution, and then spray the diluted solution on the cement surface, ceramic tile surface, paint wall surface, etc. Need to be impermeable on the surface of building materials, so as to play a good waterproof effect. In order to ensure the waterproof effect, it is recommended that you should perform a second spray after the first spray is completed but not dry. Once the water repellent per kilogram is diluted, you can generally spray an area of ​​about 20 square meters.