Knowledge Of Cosmetic Silicones Products

Update:2020-10-23 11:17

Knowledge of Cosmetic Silicones products :

1. Are silicone products toxic?
The refining of silica gel does not come from the increasingly scarce oil, but from natural rubber. It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. Silicone pacifier, silicone kitchenware.

2. Does the silicone product smell?
Silica gel is a kind of odorless raw material, but the vulcanizing agents will be added during mixing, generally divided into the odorous vulcanizing agents and odorless vulcanizers. At present, most products use an odorless vulcanizing agent. After the product is made, it takes a few days to let the smell disappear completely.


3. Have the silicone products passed ROHS inspection?
Now all silica gel has basically passed ROHS, which is the most basic environmental protection requirement.


4. Can silica gel still meet the food-grade requirements after spraying with oil?
As long as the raw materials of silica gel pass relevant tests, such as the FDA, they can meet food-grade requirements. Hand-feeling oil is also divided into grades, and the use of high-quality hand-feeling oil can also meet food-grade requirements.


5. Will silicone products fade?
It will not fade or turn yellow when used correctly and not exposed to the sun for a long time.