Mold Release Agent Manufacturer Introduction What Is A Mold Release Agent

Update:2021-01-15 11:18

Mold Release Agent  manufacturer introduction What is a mold release agent?

Zinc stearate is a functional substance between the mold and the finished product. The release agent is chemically resistant and will not be dissolved when it comes in contact with the chemical components of different resins. The release agent zinc stearate also has a heat resistance and stress properties, and is not easy to decompose or wear; the release agent zinc stearate adheres to the mold and does not transfer to the processed parts, and does not interfere with painting or other secondary Processing operation.

Due to the rapid development of injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding, laminating, and other processes, the amount of release agent zinc stearate has also been greatly increased.

The release agent zinc stearate is widely used in metal die-casting, EVA products, rubber products, plastic products, silicone products, cement products, polyurethane foam and elastomers, glass fiber reinforced plastics, injection-molded thermoplastics, vacuum foamed sheets and Extrusion profile additives such as plasticizers will ooze out to the interface, then a surface remover is needed to remove it.