Mold Release Agent Manufacturers Introduces The Role Of Micro Powder And Pellets

Update:2021-04-23 00:00

Mold Release Agent Manufacturers introduces the functions of micro powder and pellets:

Pills or pellets establish fluidization in the fluidized bed. When the materials pass through the spray area, the clothing material mist particles are sprayed on the surface, and after bonding, spreading, and drying, they adhere to form a small piece of the coating film. After repeated spraying, the coating film gradually expands, and finally, a continuous overall coating layer is formed to achieve the purpose of coating. In order to ensure safe operation and complete dispersion of materials, so that the powder does not stick and form agglomerates, an antistatic agent should be added when the powder is sprayed.

Simethicone is currently the only medicinal excipient with an antistatic effect. The amount used as an antistatic agent is 0.1% of the weight of the powder.