• Cosmetic Silicones-Does Silicone Clog Pores?

    2020-05-23 00:00

    Various forms of silicone are used in cosmetics, especially leave-on skin care products and various forms of hair care products. Common forms of silicone may be cyclopentasiloxane ...

  • Silicone Chemicals-Development Trend Of Silicone

    2020-05-12 00:00

    At present, the development direction of the world's silicone material technology is high performance, multi-function and compounding. By cooperating with the progress of technolog...

  • Related Facts About Cosmetic Silicone

    2020-05-09 00:00

    It is a fact that cosmetic-grade silicone is safe.And, if people spend more time researching FACTS, and spend less time getting the manipulation data, the half-truths and false inf...