Peg-12 Dimethicone Manufacturer Introduces What Is A Water-Based Defoamer

Update:2020-12-04 13:53

First of all, we must understand the application fields of water-based defoamers and what their excellent properties are. Due to the wide application range of water-based defoamers, it is almost comparable to the defoaming of the entire light and heavy industries. In fact, defoamers will be upgraded just like mobile phones, and water-based defoamers are often improved and upgraded for many years. Below, PEG-12 Dimethicone manufacturer will introduce the characteristics of water-based defoamers.


Water-based defoamer is an emulsifier, stability, etc., which is selected with strong anti-foaming ability, which is composed of specially modified polyether and fluorine-containing raw materials through a special process to become the main component and can organically combine silicone oil and polyether. Defoamer composed of ingredients.



The water-based defoamer has the characteristics of low surface tension, rapid defoaming, long suppression time, high-temperature resistance, easy dispersion in water, good compatibility with liquids, low cost, low dosage, and wide application. The water-based defoaming agent also takes into account the excellent effects of defoaming and suppressing foam.


Due to the excellent characteristics of water-based defoamers, it occupies a very important position in the defoamer industry and is widely used in the industry. This is also one of the reasons why major manufacturers choose.