Polyether Modified Silicone Oil Manufacturer Introduces The Use Of Waterproofing Agent Textiles

Update:2021-07-09 00:00

What are the factors that affect the air permeability of textiles by waterproofing agents? Next, Polyether Modified Silicone Oil Manufacturer will explain in detail.

Elements of the waterproofing agent textile itself.

Fabric structure: Under the same sorting density and tightness, the order of air permeability is plain weave <twill <satin weave <porous structure.

Fiber shape and yarn structure: When the linear density of warp and weft yarns is the same as the sorting density of warp yarns, the special-shaped fiber fabric is better than the circular cross-section fiber fabric, and the single fiber thicker than the single fiber has better air permeability.

Post-carding production and processing of textiles: textile printing and dyeing carding, the structure of the textile is tighter, and the air permeability is reduced; reduce the disposal, the textile fiber becomes thinner, the porosity between fibers and yarns increases, and the air permeability becomes larger.