Polyether Modified Silicone Oil Supplier Introduces The Precautions For The Use Of Defoamers

Update:2021-05-28 00:00

Polyether Modified Silicone Oil Supplier introduces the precautions for the use of defoamers for water-based coatings:

1.It must be fully stirred before use. Generally, it does not need to be diluted with water. It can be added directly. If it needs to be diluted, it can be used with the preparation. Most defoamers cannot be added directly to the diluted water-based coatings. Generally, they should be added when the viscosity of the resin or coating is high, and have good dispersion.

2. Add it while the paint is stirring, so that the defoamer can enter the system.

3. In order to achieve a good defoaming effect, it is advisable to add in two times, add half of the total amount when preparing the paint for the first time, and then add the other half after grinding.

4. The amount of defoamer should be appropriate. Excessive addition will bring side effects and cause problems such as shrinkage of the coating film. The addition amount is small, and the defoaming effect cannot be achieved.

5. It takes at least 24 hours after adding the defoamer to test the performance of the coating. Because the defoamer is durable, otherwise product quality problems such as shrinkage will occur.