Potassium Methyl Siliconate Factory Introduces The Use Of Sodium Methyl Silicate

Update:2021-08-06 00:00

Potassium Methyl Siliconate Factory introduces how to use sodium methyl silicate:

1.Waterproof mortar construction: clean up the base layer of sediment, debris, oil pollution, etc.; control the ash-sand ratio at 1:2.5~3 (Portland cement above 32.5R, medium sand, mud content less than 3%), water ash Ratio ≤0.5. The amount of pure silicone waterproofing agent accounts for 3 to 5% of the amount of cement. In order to ensure uniform mixing, you should first mix the silicone waterproofing agent and the mortar with a proportion of water before adding cement and sand. The waterproof layer is applied in two layers (each layer is 10mm thick). Apply 1mm of plain mortar to the bottom layer, and then apply a layer of waterproof mortar. When it is first set, it is compacted and rubbed with a wooden trowel to form a pitted surface; after the second layer of waterproof mortar is applied, it must be rubbed into a pitted surface. ). According to normal sprinkling maintenance, the effect of spraying cement curing agents is better.

2. Waterproof concrete construction: The pure organic silicon waterproofing dosage accounts for 1% of the cement consumption, and it is evenly mixed into the prepared concrete, which is the same as the ordinary concrete construction method. In order to ensure uniform mixing, the silicone waterproofing agent should be mixed with the proportion of water in the concrete first, and then cement, sand, and stones should be added.

3. Leakage maintenance construction: when the original base layer is smooth, it needs to be chiseled into a pitted surface. After cleaning the floating ash, make a plain mortar bonding layer, and then apply a waterproof mortar layer. The leaking part must first stop the leak and stop the water. The yin and yang corners should be rounded and compacted. The stubble should have a sloped shape (the width of the stubble is 100~150mm). When connecting the stubble, use plain mortar as the bonding layer, and then apply the waterproof mortar layer.

4. Spraying impermeable construction: The organic silicon waterproofing agent is diluted with 8 times of clear water and sprayed on the surface of water-absorbing inorganic building materials such as cement surface, brick, tile, gypsum board, ordinary paint wall, etc. It is used for impermeable and moisture-proof treatment, which has excellent effects.