Precautions For Using Mold Release Agent

Update:2022-08-05 00:00

Notes on using Mold Release Agent :

1. Caused by uneven spray: improve coating;

2. Caused by spray flow: adjust the spray amount;

3. Caused by wiping: choose release agent hardness and solvent system;

4. Caused by evaporation: different solubility of solids or different solubility of solvents, orange peel phenomenon, when the solids are precipitated during evaporation, a uniform film cannot be formed, adjust the dispersant and solvent;

5. Caused by resin flow: easy to appear at turning points, overcome during mold design;
6. Caused by air bubbles: There are many small bubble pits on the surface of the product, raw material problems or the defoaming performance of the release agent, there is a gap between the release agent and the mold, the air is drawn in, or the surface of the mold is rough, etc., which improves the hardness of the release agent; product shrinkage caused: When the shrinkage stress exceeds the tensile force and concentric scars, the material shrinkage rate and injection pressure are mainly selected for adjustment;

7. Caused by the heat capacity of the mold material: the heat capacity distribution of the mold reinforcement material is different, the stored heat is different, and the reaction is fast at high temperature, or the mold material is caused by the melting of the release agent at high temperature.