Precautions For Using Silicone Adjuvant

Update:2021-02-19 00:00

Silicone Adjuvant is a high-molecular-weight silicone processing aid. It overcomes the weakness of traditional silicone oil that easily makes the screw slippery. Adding a small amount can effectively improve the fluidity and processability of the resin. It is widely used to improve the lubricity and surface characteristics of plastics.

Silicone Adjuvant improves plastic processing fluidity and demoulding performance, reduces torque, and reduces equipment wear. It is easy to fill and reduces product defect rate at the same time, significantly reduces friction coefficient, improves slip performance, improves surface gloss, improves surface silk touch, and improves wear resistance And scratch resistance, improve flame retardancy, reduce smoke density, improve impact strength and surface gloss of flame retardant (high filling) materials, have good stability, non-migration, and no precipitation on the surface.

Its use method: mix the silicone auxiliary agent for silicon core tube and its compatible resin in proportion to directly shape or granulate.