Precautions When Using Pesticides To Add Silicone Adjuvant

Update:2022-06-28 00:00

Precautions for adding Silicone Adjuvant when using pesticides:

1. When there is no experience in use, certain crops and certain agents must be tested first and then promoted, so as to avoid large-scale crop damage that is difficult to recover.

2. Pay attention to the use concentration of silicone additives. Do not increase the dosage at will. Generally, the effective concentration of silicone additives is lower than that of conventional spray additives, because after adding silicone, the penetration force of the agent is strong, and the walking speed is slow when spraying. , Excessive use of pesticides and large amounts of pesticides on plant leaves may aggravate the occurrence of phytotoxicity.

3. When applying on fruit trees, do not spray directly on the fruit or use it after the fruit is bagged;

4. During high temperature, the stomata and water holes of the leaves are large, which is easy to absorb the medicine, and the water of the medicine liquid is easy to evaporate, so there is no special requirement, do not mix too much silicone additives, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the leaves.

5. Silicone cannot be mixed with azoxystrobin and hormones. It cannot be used in combination with hormone drugs such as gibberellin, meclizine, and paclobutrazol.

6. It also cannot be mixed with triazole fungicides such as epoxiconazole or propiconazole that seriously inhibit growth, which is easy to cause phytotoxicity.

7. It is not necessary to add silicone additives every time, because the addition many times will lead to the thinning of the cuticle on the leaf surface, which will affect the disease resistance in the later stage, and it is more likely to cause phytotoxicity.