Silicone Water Repellent Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Silane Waterproofing Agent

Update:2021-01-08 11:19

Silicone Water Repellent manufacturer introduces the characteristics of silane waterproofing agent:


1. Excellent penetration
Silane water repellent contains unique silane small molecules, which can quickly penetrate the pore walls inside the substrate. The chemical reaction speed is moderate, so it has excellent penetration capacity and penetration depth. The surface is treated with other waterproof materials.


2. Rigid and flexible waterproof layer
The hydrophobic silicone resin produced by the reaction of the silane waterproofing agent with the water vapor in the air and the moisture in the substrate can firmly and organically bond with the substrate to form a strong, rigid and flexible waterproof layer.


3. Excellent resistance to cracking
The silicone polymer formed by the reaction of the silane waterproofing agent with the substrate is a colloidal substance with excellent elasticity and tensile strength, can prevent cracking, and can make up for 0.2mm cracks.


4. Unique self-healing ability
When the surface of the waterproof layer is damaged due to abnormal reasons (such as external force), the silane and moisture on the damaged surface continue to have a new reaction, so that the waterproof layer on the damaged surface can repair itself.


5. Unique breathability
The treated substrate forms a surface tension much lower than that of water and produces capillary reverse air pressure, forming a special waterproof layer that is unidirectionally ventilated to prevent moisture intrusion.


6. No coating film is left on the surface of the waterproof substrate
After the substrate is painted, the friction coefficient of the substrate is not changed, which helps to improve the strength of the substrate and maintain the original appearance, which is environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy.