Silicone Water Repellent Supplier Introduces Tips For Selecting A Water Repellent

Update:2020-11-23 14:28

In life. Many water repellents are used, so how to choose the correct water repellent? Let’s go and see a  Silicone Water Repellent supplier.


1. Pay attention to the strength of adhesion

The basic application characteristic of a waterproofing agent is waterproofing. If the waterproofing performance can be fully demonstrated, the waterproof coating must have good adhesion characteristics, and it is important to check the restrictions on the adhesion materials of the waterproof coating. Some waterproof coatings can only be used for concrete or The application of specific drawings is weak and the scope of use is narrow.


2. Pay attention to whether its high-temperature resistance properties are good

All water repellents have certain high-temperature resistance properties, but you must pay special attention to their high-temperature resistance ability when choosing, especially when using this kind of material in tropical or subtropical areas, you need to focus on high-temperature resistance.


3. Pay attention to the expansion rate
When choosing a waterproofing agent, pay special attention to its expansion rate. Normally, the waterproof coating will expand and contract under the condition of thermal expansion and contraction. However, the expansion rate of the well-known domestic waterproof coating is negligible and will not produce pores, which will affect the waterproof effect. . However, poor-quality waterproof coatings are especially flexible when cold, which will allow gas to enter them quickly.


4. Pay attention to whether the aging resistance meets the standard
The aging resistance of the waterproofing agent is mainly composed of its anti-corrosion characteristics, anti-friction characteristics, and other functional characteristics. The easy-to-use waterproof coating has extremely strong anti-aging characteristics, whether it is in a corrosive environment or under high temperature and pressure. Will make its traits deteriorate.