The Role Of Silicone Adjuvant

Update:2022-06-17 00:00

Silicone Adjuvant's job role:

1. Agricultural silicone additive is a super spreading agent that can wet any crop.

2. It can spread the liquid medicine to various hidden parts of plants, and has the ability to wet and spread insects. It has the effect of penetrating the waxy layer through plant stomata and improving the efficiency of systemic insecticides.

3. Improve the effect of the liquid medicine through the stomata and joint membranes of insects. Due to its super-expanding moisturizing effect, a net is set for various pests, which greatly improves insecticidal efficiency.

4. It can reduce water consumption and drug consumption, and also reduce labor costs.

Silicone additives mainly reduce the surface tension of the liquid medicine on the leaves, so that the liquid medicine quickly spreads and penetrates the leaves. The better the quality of the silicone, the lower the surface tension between the interfaces, and the better the spreading effect of the liquid medicine. High-quality silicone has strong resistance to rain erosion. When spraying pesticides to prevent pests and diseases in the rainy season, choosing high-quality silicone additives can greatly improve the efficacy.