The Strategy Of Correct Use Of Mold Release Agent

Update:2021-11-05 00:00

The correct use strategy of Mold Release Agent:

1. The internal release agent of the silica gel is proportional (it can be added at the same time as the silica gel/vulcanizing agent when mixing). It is easy to demold when used in the molding and extrusion molding process of silicone rubber or silicone fluorine rubber.

2. The number of silicone products that are particularly difficult to demold can be increased, up to 1%. If the product needs to be printed or sprayed, the amount of silicone product added should not be too high. Too high will affect the bonding strength of the secondary processing. To produce transparent products, you can use Magotan's M-20 transparent internal release agent. This internal release is specialized in the production of transparent silicone products.