Types And Functions Of Mold Release Agent

Update:2021-12-17 00:00

Mold Release Agent is divided into oil-based and water-based mold release agents. Their components are water, silicone oil or methyl silicone oil, and other chemical combinations, and then mixed.


1. Water-based release agent, its color is milky white, it is mainly used for pouring concrete. It is used when supporting formwork is needed. It is painted on the surface of the wooden board, that is, the side that the concrete touches. Function, convenient to disassemble the formwork, make the concrete surface smooth, bright, and non-porous bubbles, that is, there will be no holes caused by air in the formed wall, and when workers remove the formwork, it is easy to disassemble, and the formwork will not be stained with concrete. , It is also easier to clean, and it can also extend the life of the concrete. The release agent has strong adhesion. After painting, it is usually about 10 days. However, if it rains, it is recommended to repaint it.


2. The color of the oil-based release agent is yellow-brown, or it is the color of chocolate. The oil-based release agent is applied directly without water. Workers directly use the rollers and rollers to pull up and down to paint. It is mainly suitable for wood molds and steel molds. Among them, the steel mold is also water-based, but the oily is the best in the early stage of the construction site because it will have an oil film attached to its surface. If it is a new template, an oil film will be attached to the surface to extend the life of the template. If the steel mold is water-based in the early stage of the project, after demolding, there will be a layer of milky white water-based release agent residue on it, which is not easy for workers to clean and will be slower. If you use oil-based first and then water-based, this problem can basically be greatly reduced. The cost of all aspects that feel oily on the construction site is relatively cheap and convenient, so you can use it directly when you pick it up. The effect is also to make the concrete smooth, bright, without bubbles, and to extend the life of the formwork. This is also a recommendation. If it is raining after painting, it is recommended to repaint it once. Oil-based release agents are usually used in wooden formwork. Bamboo template, or used on steel template, water-based release agent used on the aluminum template. When used in engineering, usually non-standard layer, first use an oily release agent to prevent rust and play the role of a protective layer. Some substances will be produced on the aluminum film. Apply it with an oily release agent to play a protective role. It is better to use the aluminum template repeatedly if it is water-based.