Water Solubility Characteristics Of Polyether Modified Silicone Oil

Update:2020-11-13 11:09

The water solubility characteristics of Polyether Modified Silicone Oil are:


1. Plastic greenhouse industry: It can be added to plastic as an internal additive to produce non-drip film greenhouses to prevent fog and increase light transmittance.


2. Used as a fabric finishing agent: it has a softening effect and is especially suitable for finishing clothes, sheets, towels, etc. It is not only soft, but also absorbs water and sweat, and is comfortable to wear.


3. Used as a leveling agent for paints and polyurethane slurries, which can reduce the internal friction and stress of the molecules, thereby playing the role of leveling and defoaming.


4. Used to make cutting fluid and cleaning agents.


5. Used as a foam leveling agent for the foaming of rigid foam polyurethane systems to make the cells fine and uniform.


6. In the cosmetics industry, it is used to make cream products, which can lubricate the skin, moisturize, and anti-wrinkle.


7. The pesticide industry is used as a wetting and spreading agent for glyphosate to improve efficacy and reduce pollution.


8. It is a key ingredient for the preparation of self-emulsifying defoamers and delayed coking defoamers in the oil refining industry.


9. Other unfinished new application areas.