What Are The Advantages Of Potassium Methyl Siliconate In Construction

Update:2020-11-06 16:06

Potassium Methyl Siliconate is a common chemical substance, which is often used in solid form. So, what are the advantages of this substance in construction?

Potassium methyl silicate needs to be diluted with water when it is used. It can be used for stone and bricks, ceramics, cement mortar, perlite, gypsum and fiber gypsum board, and other materials, especially porous materials. Can produce surface waterproof and reduce moisture absorption.

Potassium methyl silicate is permeable and absorbable and can maintain the natural appearance of the substrate without changing the original color and appearance of the substrate. It can react with carbon dioxide in the air or other acidic compounds to form a surface layer on the substrate. The insoluble mesh waterproof and breathable membrane has excellent waterproof effect and anti-seepage, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-aging, anti-pollution, and other advantages. It prevents moisture from being absorbed into the substrate, thereby reducing the peeling caused by freeze-thaw and weathering, and increasing the life of the substrate.

The most important thing is to be simple and easy to operate in terms of construction. Before construction, clean the surface of the substrate. If there are cracks, fill it with putty or cement slurry, and then slightly moisten the surface of the substrate for absorption, and the entire project is cost-effective and resistant. Abrasion, scrubbing resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, it can be seen that its performance is superior.