What Are The Characteristics Of The Use Of Polyether Modified Silicone Oil

Update:2020-10-30 14:40

Polyether Modified Silicone Oil is a kind of organic silicon non-ionic surfactant with unique performance, which is made by graft copolymerization of polyether and hydrogen-containing polydimethylsiloxane. When the product is made, the number of The proportion of polyether Eo and Po and the number of chain links and end groups can obtain various polyether-modified silicone oils with different properties to meet the needs of various industries.


The use characteristics of Polyether Modified Silicone Oil are:
1. Low surface tension.
2. Good softness and antistatic properties.
3. Good viscosity reduction and leveling properties, suitable for adding to a variety of resins, can well improve the intermolecular stress of these resins, overcome the shortcomings of these resins, and obtain new properties.
4. Good lubricity, suitable for making high-grade cutting fluid.
5. Good demulsibility, suitable for oil-water separation on certain special occasions.