What Are The Outstanding Properties Of Polyether Modified Silicone Oil?

Update:2022-11-25 00:00

Polyether Modified Silicone Oil can also be used to treat all kinds of silk, yarn, etc. The treated fibers and silk have good luster and slip. And widely used in daily chemicals, such as various cosmetic creams, emulsions, and shampoos, etc., the hair washed with shampoo containing this product is loose, soft, and shiny, and has good combability. Leather industry and leather goods industry, yes

The main component of leather slip agent and finishing agent, it imparts smoothness, brightness, softness, and a comfortable feel to various natural leather surfaces. Slippery and bright, this product can also be used as a plastic additive and mold release agent.

Endows the fabric with the following excellent properties:

1. Softness: The fabrics finished with this product are soft and smooth, comfortable to the touch, and elegant in style. It gives thin fabrics a silky feel and thick fabrics a woolly feel.

2. Water-based: The fabrics finished with this product have excellent water-based properties, good air permeability, and excellent dressing properties, which can eliminate the shortcomings of synthetic fibers such as dryness, stuffiness, and non-dry sweat absorption.

3. Antistatic properties: The fabrics finished with this product have good antistatic properties, a small electrostatic effect, are not easy to vacuum, have certain anti-pollution properties, and are easy to wash.