Where Is Silicone Adjuvant Used

Update:2020-11-06 16:06

Silicone Adjuvant has also been used for foliar application of organic and inorganic fungicides, insecticides, nutrients, and growth regulators. Silicone surfactants having the above structure are commercially used as agricultural additives. These surfactants can also be used in adjuvant blends with organic surfactants and/or vegetable oils.

The ability of silicone surfactants to significantly reduce the surface tension of water results in rapid diffusion on hydrophobic surfaces. Water droplets or agricultural chemical spray solutions containing silicone surfactants can be completely spread on the surface of the blade in a few seconds, and the contact angle of the water droplets is zero. Due to cost reasons, silicone surfactants are usually mixed with organic nonionic surfactants. When used in a concentration sufficient to produce rapid spreading, silicone surfactants can enhance the activity of fungicides and insecticides.