Why Can Innovative Silicone Be Used In Organic Pigments

Update:2020-10-30 14:40

Innovative Silicone is application prospects in the daily chemical and textile industries are bright, and the fiber finish can reduce the friction factor of fiber materials. To achieve the effect of softness and lubrication, the main effect of adding silicone polymer is to fully reduce the surface energy. There is no doubt about this.

The hydrophobicity of the skeleton has nothing to do with the existence of silicon, but it has a considerable relationship with the flexibility of siloxane, which makes the methyl group contact at the interface. Their hydrophobicity is stronger than that of the methylene group. Silicones of different lengths The chain determines the different hydrophobicity.
The hydrophilicity is basically similar to most commonly used surfactants, and the total polarity of silicone surfactants can be adjusted by the substitution ratio of dimethylsiloxane groups. These newly developed silicone products have now begun to try to be used as pigment additives.