Alkyl Modified Siloxane

Alkylpolysiloxane Silway600


Silway 600 is a new kind of plasticizer designed for silicone sealant. It has more outstanding features compared to the Polydimethylsiloxane. Silway 600 has an excellent compatibility with sealant system, without the problem of precipitation. Besides,Silway600 also has excellent compatibility with mineral oil plasticizer. After mixing with mineral oil , it will lock the mineral oil and reduce migration and volatilization of mineral oil apparently. Moreover, Silway 600 has excellent lubricity and plasticity. When Silway 600 is absorbed by nano calcium carbonate in the sealant system, it will imporve extrusion property of the sealant. And the cured sealant will have better elasticity and extensibility.

Typical Application

 Plasticizer for Silicone Sealant


•Excellent compatability with sealant system. Non precipitation

•Excellent compatability with mineral oil plasticizer, reducing its migration and volatilization

•Excellent lubricity and plasticity, imporve extrusion property of the sealant. The cured sealant will have better elasticity and extensibility

Technical Index




light yellow to transparent liquid

Viscosity (cSt, 25℃)


Reflection index25℃


Special gravity (25/25 ℃)


Violate150 ℃3h%


Packing :

200L drum or 1000L IBC


Storing in a cool, dry and ventilated place

Shelf Life :

24 months





The Way of Silicone Innovation

Hangzhou Silway New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2014, is a young but fast-growing Alkylpolysiloxane Silway600 manufacturer specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of Alkylpolysiloxane Silway600.

Silway focused on the modified siloxane and formulation technology, product line covers from agricultural silicone adjuvant, silicone water repellent, cosmetic silicones, sealant & additive, modified siloxane for die-casting.etc.

  • R&D

    Founders have over 20 years’ technical experience in silicone industry

  • Quality

    ISO9001 Certificated

  • Service

    Sales for international market all have at least 5 years experience, easy to communicate and professinal in silicone industry.

  • OEM

    Offer OEM service and customized products.

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