Silicone Fluid

Silway 805 Si-H chain extender for addition-cured RTV-2

Key words

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber
RTV-2 silicone rubber
Chain extender
Hydrogen silicone oil
Electronic potting adhesive
Electrically conductive adhesive
Photovoltaic adhesive
Solar panel adhesive
Automobile adhesive

Silway 805 is Si-H terminated polydimethylsiloxane with varying Si-H content and viscosity, which used as chain extender in addition-cured RTV-2 formulation.
Typical Applications
Addition-cured RTV-2
Key Features
  • Synergetic effect with Silway crosslinkers on mechanical properties of elastomer
  • Allows free flowing low viscosity formulations with good mechanical properties
  • Cures with vinyl-functional components without by-product formation
  • Reduces crosslinking density thereby reduce elastomer hardness
  • Suitable to formulate addition cure gel
  • Low dosage required
  • Low volatile content

Typical Physical Properties

Product name

Type of Si-H

Viscosity (cst, 25℃)

Si-H content (mmol/g)

Silway 805A




Silway 805B




Structural Formula

200L or IBC drums
Storage in closed containers
Shelf Life
24 months



The Way of Silicone Innovation

Hangzhou Silway New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2014, is a young but fast-growing Silway 805 Si-H chain extender for addition-cured RTV-2 manufacturer specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of Silway 805 Si-H chain extender for addition-cured RTV-2.

Silway focused on the modified siloxane and formulation technology, product line covers from agricultural silicone adjuvant, silicone water repellent, cosmetic silicones, sealant & additive, modified siloxane for die-casting.etc.

  • R&D

    Founders have over 20 years’ technical experience in silicone industry

  • Quality

    ISO9001 Certificated

  • Service

    Sales for international market all have at least 5 years experience, easy to communicate and professinal in silicone industry.

  • OEM

    Offer OEM service and customized products.

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